SSJ Students Guide to Competition;

First of all figure out if you can commit to training at least twice per week with additional sprints and circuits.

Then work out your desired weight division using the official amateur categories.

If you are a Red Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 belt then you will be competing in Amateur Kumite style kickboxing.

You will need to obtain the correct competition protection which are; Head, Bodyguard, Gloves, Forearm and Leg Protectors. (These are to be purchased from the SSJ Dojo to insure they are the correct ones, and we give discounts).

You will be able to apply to join the Champions Project and start to develop your sparing skill and fitness.

Competitions take place bi-monthly so you get 8 weeks to prepare for your next competition.

You may get the opportunity to win medals, trophies and championship belts, but most of all you get to live a focused lifestyle with some great comrades. 

Entrance into the competitions will gain you Kumite credits required for your belt strips once you get to intermediate level and can accelerate your belt ranking.

If you have any further questions on competing, the. Champions Project or Kumite level training please contact me on 07894 500121 or see me at training. OSU!




The MK School of Kickboxing has a safe training policy that makes ALL competition formats OPTIONAL, but for those who feel they would like to compete we have 3 different levels. All events allow the participants to be awarded medals, trophies and 'Fighting Spirit' awards.














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