SSJ Origins


Lee 'Kagemusha' Hasdell - 7th Dan ISKA/BCKA Black Belt & Founder of the Milton Keynes School of Kickboxing & Karate (SSJ Dojo)

Kickboxing, Karate and Meditation Teacher

Pro Fighter 1989 - 2007

Professional Japanese Kickboxer & MMA Fighter 1994- 2002.

Grading Executive Officer
ISKA-UK MMA Director  
Global Fight Rules & KTMMA Consultant


Lee Hasdell began his martial arts and meditation practice in 1979 at the the age of 13. He has studied almost daily since then, and has made martial arts the foundation of his life. He has studied with many teachers, from both the east and the west.

His first martial art was Karate where he progressed on to Full Contact Karate after winning many tournaments and later becoming a Full Contact champion.

In 1991 after leaving his Kickboxing coach Mr. Brian Walker via mutual consent, Lee went over to study in Holland at the Gym International and the Dojo Chakuriki in Amsterdam, this is where Lee was first introduced to Japanese Kickboxing and Kyokushin methods. This transformed Lee's approach to his Kickboxing training and tuition. This became his foundation for his mixed martial arts style.

His 7 year career being the first British professional Hybrid martial artist in Japan has been the biggest influence on his understanding of modern and traditional ways of martial arts training. Over the years Lee has fought and learnt many techniques world-wide from K1 Kickboxing, Karate, Shootfighting, Global Fight Rules, Ju-Jitsu, Kudo, Kendo/Iaido plus the deadly art of Muaythai in Thailand. At his peak he defeated UFC-Japan champion Kenichi Yamamoto by knockout using his famous Shotei-hand technique in Japan.

In 1994 Lee was invited to Japan to train at the Seidokaikan the HQ for the K1 organisation, he then returned to Japan in 1995 to compete in the K1 martial arts event.

Then in 1996 Lee won the FENSACO World Shootboxing Title in Milan in front of 15000 spectators and live on national Italian television.


In 1996 Lee went to train under with the RINGS Fighting Network at the Maeda Dojo in Yokohama Japan. Lee completed his 'Uchi-deshi' was to train there for 7 years to become the UK representative for RINGS UK.

Since then Lee has devoted his life to the practice and promotion of modern Japanese Mixed Martial Arts, K1-Kickboxing, Ju-Jitsu and Kudo.

Lee's vision for a UK pro-mma scene materialised in1998 the first in a trilogy of professional MMA events in the UK called 'Night of the Samurai' which feature international fighters from Japan, USA, Holland, France and Spain was born.

In 2000 Lee was awarded his blackbelt in Ju-Jitsu and personally invited by the Prince of Abu Dhabi UAE to compete in the ADCC Submission Wrestling Tournament where only the best grapplers in the world attend. Then in 2001 Lee won a gold medal at the UK Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association Championships in London and won gold at the UMA Submission Fighting Championships 2008.

In 2001 Lee was given an award from one of his Sensei's, Akira Maeda in Japan for his hard work, dedication and contribution to the martial arts world-wide.



Lee learnt many techniques, exercises and strategies from his Japanese martial arts teachers who were directly taught by legends such as Mas Oyama, Kurosaki, Jon Bluming, Fujiwara, Aso and Karl Gotch. Lee was then one of the first teachers to introduce/innovate the Japanese style MMA body weight functional & centre of mass fitness exercises to the UK. The TK 'Open Guard' system was taught to Lee in Japan by 'TK' Kohsaka.


Upon Lee's return to the UK he became a celebrity bodyguard and set up the SSJ (shin-sen-jutsu) and the SSJ Dojo to help teach and practice Japanese Hybrid martial arts in the UK. The name Shin-Sen-Jutsu was given to him in Japan, which translates as New-Fighting-Art.


The SSJ Studio/Dojo has trained hundreds of people to get fit and learn self defence, and also produced many champions kickboxing and Hybrid Martial Arts.



Lee was nicknamed the Godfather of UK MMA which he rejected, but prefers to go by the nickname of 'Kagemusha' or 'Shadow Warrior', which was given to him by Japanese fans.


Lee Hasdell studied the Japanese mixed martial arts of Kudo. Lee Hasdell received his black-belt directly from Kudo's founder Master Azuma. Lee was presented a black belt in Japanese Submission Fighting by the All Japan Joint Technique Federation Black-belt in Submission Arts from founder Hidetaka Aso.


Hobbies: Freediving, Motorcycles, Kendo and Meditation.

Occupation: Martial Arts Teacher, Professional Bodyguard & Personal Security Consultant.



Shin Senjutsu Kai International Director

International Grading Executive Officer 

Global Fight Rules & KTMMA Consultant 

RINGS UK, ZST & The Outsider UK Booker & Representative

AJJTF Submission Arts Black Belt (Master Aso - Japan)

Kudo DaidoJuku Black-belt (Master Azuma - Kyokushin Offshoot Japan)

MAI Hall of Fame 2015

Combat Magazine Hall of fame 1998

ISKA-MMA UK Director 

ISKA 7th Dan Kickboxing Black-belt 

BCKA 7th Dan Karate Black-belt  

WCJJO Ju-Jitsu Black-belt 

British Combat Association Senior Instructor (Geoff Thompson & Peter Consterdine)

AMA Shin Karate Black-belt

Gateway Meditation Teacher

YMCA Fitness Instructor 

YMCA Supple Strength Instructor 

YMCA Core Strength and Stability Instructor 

BAWA Olympic Wrestling Coach 

British Armed Forces Physical Training Instructor (PTI) 

Smith & Wesson-USA Defensive Tactics Training Instructor (DTI) 

PPCT-USA Pressure Point Control Tactics Instructor (DTI) 

SIA Close Protection Operative (Bodyguard)