Getting Started in SSJ Kickboxing.



Step 1.

First decide if you want to Get Fit and Learn Self Defence.

Many people think that they need to be fit before they start, this is a common misconception. You will get fit by training here, no matter what your level is.

Step 2.

Call or text 07894 500121 or email the school to book FREE taster session *.

Step 3.

Attend a FREE taster session where all is explained in detail by your instructor and a FREE starter pack. Feel free to ask any questions there or contact us via email and telephone 07894 500121.

Step 4.

Like any other sport or activity, you will need to obtain some basic equipment for you safety and comfort, (you wouldn't learn climbing without ropes, shoes and harnesses). The starter packs are the most cost effective way to get started. A price comparison to other sports will reveal that martial arts are great value for the rewards. Please speak with your SSJ instructor about purchasing your uniform and equipment.





Monday & Thursday 

7pm Kickboxing - Beginners

8pm Kickboxing Plus

Milton Keynes School of Kickboxing (SSJ Dojo)

Unit 12 Cochrane Close, Presley Way, Crownhill, Milton Keynes




*Please note that we often have special offers on the PT, please contact us for details.

Membership: £50 reduced to £25 (special offer) per year (includes licence, insurance and grading book) 


Call or Text Now for Your FREE Lesson!  

07894 500 121

or email